Let’s give this another go.

September 26, 2008 at 7:52 pm Leave a comment

I’ve decided to start this blog, not, ironically enough because all artists need a blog these days. I’ve known that for months. I had one for a while, but forgot about it so often that I eventually deleted it, as it seemed pretty pointless.

This blog will be different. This blog will actually have a purpose. I’m hoping that this blog will force me to take action when all I really want to do is procrastinate. I’m hoping that this blog will hold me to my word. This blog will follow my journey from completely unknown artist, to artistic superstar (okay, I’m exaggerating on that last bit. I don’t really want to be an artistic superstar. Just survive really.)

And while inside I know some of the steps I should take and the things that I should do, I am really, really, awesomely good at avoiding those things. I would rather just hide under the covers, because let’s face it, self promotion is SCARY. However, I have this even scarier, business mogul part of myself who is going to kick my ass soon if I keep playing ostrich and sticking my head in the sand. This part of me knows that to survive as an artist, I can’t stand around all day wailing, “But artists aren’t supposed to like business! We’re just supposed to wear all black and hemp and wait for someone to discover us!” Even though secretly I love business, and marketing and read Seth Godin’s blog avidly every day.

So with the help of this blog, I am going to turn this around. In here, I am going to document my decisions, my choices, why I make them, and hopefully the results of what happens when I actually take action.

And maybe by the end of this, I won’t be such a damned wuss anymore.


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