Photoshoots and preparations.

October 3, 2008 at 1:40 pm Leave a comment

I’m having one of those “let’s pack as much stuff as humanly possible into this day” days. I spent the morning preparing for a street art festival I’m doing tomorrow. The Queen Street Art Festival is a new festival held every Saturday in downtown Niagara Falls on, yeah you guessed it, Queen Street. I was invited to get involved, and it seemed like fun, so I said yes. So I’ve spent the morning preparing for 13 hours outside tomorrow. At least its not supposed to rain.

This afternoon, I’ve got something much more fun planned. A couple years ago, I painted a portrait of myself and one of my closest friends, Katie, and it was all good and stuff at the time, but looking at it now, I kinda cringe inside. So I’ve promised her a new one for Christmas, and today we go out with my sister to have a photoshoot together 🙂 (My lil sis is a pretty awesome photographer, and when her website is up, I will force all of you to go look at it.) It’s a gorgeous day outside, if a little chilly, but I love autumn and I’ve never painted an fall painting before, so I’m actually pretty excited. I also want to get more into doing portrait of people, rather than dogs, and this is an excellent chance to do a “show off” piece. Plus, its gonna be just plain fun. I’ll definitely post the pictures later 🙂

I’m off to go finish getting ready. I love getting beautified.

Hope you all have an awesome autumn weekend!


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Meaningful action and expansion. Ugh.

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