Free shipping.

November 16, 2008 at 11:32 am Leave a comment

Anywhere in North America. Because I love you.

Buy any painting this Christmas, and I will ship it to you, by Christmas, anywhere in North America. Guaranteed.

Because shipping is ridiculously expensive. And a pain in the ass when you’re buying online. Because you think, “Oh, this only costs “x” amount of dollars. I can afford that.” And then you find out that it’s going to cost you several billion dollars just to get it shipped to you. Not cool.

And paintings can be the worst – they’re fragile, heavy if framed, and just a general pain in the bum.

So this Christmas, let it be my pain in the bum.

It’s going to save you at least $100. Which is $100 back in your pocket. So you can buy more presents for the people you love.

Or more presents for you. Whatever works.

And hey, even if you don’t celebrate Christmas, you get free shipping just because! So take advantage of the lack of pain-in-the-bum-ness and buy the painting that you’ve had your eye on.

And if you live in Niagara, and clearly don’t need your painting shipped to you, you get 10% off. Because I love you local folks too.

There’s just lots of loving goin’ round. Because here’s what I think – we’ve had a boatload of crappy news coming out lately, and that’s just not fun. Love is the ultimate antidote.

So really, it shouldn’t be called free shipping, it should be called free loving.

Except that just makes me sound like a hooker.

So I think I’ll keep it to free shipping.

Free shipping. All yours until December 15th. (Because after that, I don’t think I could get it to you in time for Christmas, and that just wouldn’t be fun, would it?)


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Oh my god, I’m setting goals. Somebody tell CNN. Ick, I feel small.

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