Dear Seth Godin – I really wish I could apply for this.

December 2, 2008 at 9:26 am Leave a comment

If you’ve ever wanted to change the world, you should probably do this.

If you love Seth Godin, you should probably do this.

If you’ve ever wanted to change your own life for the more amazingly better, you should probably do this.

Seth Godin is offering a 6 month apprenticeship for a few select, special people who are nice and passionate and smart and want to change the world.

So you should probably go read the blog post about it – If you could change your life

And then you should go here to read the Squidoo lens about it – Don’t go to business school

Do these things now. I don’t care how old your are, or where you live or anything. This could change your life. This could be the catalyst you need to change you. To become more of you. To fully be just you.

I found this yesterday and nearly swooned. First I swore at the mean computer for telling me about such a wonderful opportunity. I was trying to brainstorm a million possible ways that somehow I could apply for this. I felt like it was speaking to me – I am creative, nice, smart, and I want to change the world. It just seemed like it was too good to be true, too perfect to be true. And I really thought for a minute there that I would have a chance at doing this.

But then reality hit – it doesn’t pay. And I have no money. I would also have to move to New York City (or thereabouts). The  bank wouldn’t give me a loan because hey! I don’t really have any income anyways. And I don’t think “Oh my god, I’m going to go to New York and learn how to change the world” counts as student loan material.

Plus, if I did somehow get the apprenticeship and then somehow got a loan, it would mean that I’d be moving to PEI A) one month later than Jesse and I had discussed and B) we would be starting out with debt straight away. Which wasn’t in the plan. And I didn’t want to completely crush our plans, because that’s not fair. It would mean screwing up everything for one person, which I couldn’t live with.

And finally, the really crushing reality – health. My body couldn’t handle it. I can’t live on my own. I’ve never worked a full day in my life for one single reason – my body cannot handle the pace. Sure I work hard from home – but I can work in bed if I need to. At an actual job? Not gonna happen. At the end of the six months, I would be a mess. I’d be so tired at the end of the day from working that I probably wouldn’t be able to feed myself or anything. I’d be so done in by the end of the first month. A whole six months? It wouldn’t be pretty, that’s all I’m gonna say.

And I won’t lie, I am seriously disappointed. I was so excited about this that realizing that it would never work was kind of killing really. This morning, I’m still pretty upset. I love Seth Godin and for me, the idea of working with him would be like a dream come true. I think the man is a genius. To be able to work with genius? Words can’t even describe how amazing that would be.

I want to do this so badly. But sometimes impossible really does exist (as little as I want to  believe it.)

So instead, I’m asking you, dear reader, to apply instead. And I sincerely hope you get it and that it changes your life.

Good luck.


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